Cutting Eyelashes | Stop don’t Cut your Lashes

Cutting eyelashes in hopes of thicker, longer lash re-growth is absurd. Eyelash myths like these are forever finding their way around the internet, passed down by folks that have no idea of what they are talking about, or what harm can be done to those, that actually have lost their mind, willing to give it a try. Just because of “psst hey, you want thicker eyelashes? Try cutting them.”  Stop! Please don’t attempt to do this, put those scissors down!

It’s a wonder that anyone would fall for this complete nonsense. How could someone be naive enough, to grab a pair of scissors and start cutting? I mean, what would drive you to do so? Because your friend said so, maybe it was your mother, I mean mothers know best, she just can’t be wrong. Right? Wrong! Just being curious here, those who may of passed this awful tip on to you, did you happen to look at their eyelashes?

Lets break this down | Is there any truth to this cutting eyelashes tip?

Cutting or trimming eyelashes, it’s easy and safe. Right?

Easy and safe, really? Are you sure? Can you possible give your eyelashes a straight and perfect cut? While looking into a mirror? If you take notice, lash growth follows the arc line of the very edge of the eyelid. Though it is a smooth and minute curve, it’s there all the same. Are you steady enough with scissors to evenly cut along this lid feature?

Maybe the “butch haircut” look is what your after, you know, the same hair length, squared off.  Who knows, you might really look good with block style eyelashes. Might be a start of a whole new look, “Squared off eyelashes” then again maybe not.

What about safe? Doing this in a mirror, all actions are in reversed. Not sure if, I would want to experiment with such a sharp tool around my eyes. One careless slip, one little mishap, ouch! It has to be painful to be poked in the eye with something as pointy as ends of pair of scissors. Ya think?…

Cutting eyelashes | Grows back thicker, longer and healthier?

Lets just think about this for a minute. By cutting the ends of eyelashes, how is this possible to make them grow thicker or longer?

Oh, that’s right you gonna compare eyelash growth to that of  hmmmm…,  just for the heck of it, say “outdoor vegetation.”  Say what? Outdoor vegetation? Hold on let me explain….

The thought process behind this is cut them for thicker longer growth right? Kinda like trimming a bush and expecting, thicker more robust, filling out growth. Correct? I mean this is what you are thinking, believing in, it has to be true, it’s on the internet, even mom says it so. Wrong!

Hair is dead, that’s right, I’ll say it again, “hair is dead.”  Before you go off on me for that statement, think about for a second. Do you feel any pain during a haircut? I bet you don’t, unless it turned out to be a really bad cut.

With hair being dead, this means there is no signal sent down through the length of the hair being cut, to stimulate new growth. Eyelash growth will only occur at the follicle, where there is life. Once the lash hair extends out from this follicle it is dead. Cutting or trimming the eyelash does not trigger the follicle to produce more growth.

Now if there is a way to produce and multiply hair follicles, one then could expect thicker eyelashes. Our bodies, our gene pool has its way of determining just how many lashes, and how long for each individual. Some will be lucky and have gorgeous natural eyelashes, others will have to rely on alternative products to achieve the same look.  Whoever said life is fair?

Eyelash cutting is not the solution | Just a problem waiting to happen

Stop and think before trying any methods, tips or advice floating around the internet or passed down by word of mouth.  Remember “if it’s too good to be true,” well,  you all know how that saying ends.

If it was only that simple to have fuller eyelashes, there would be no need for all these enhancement products, when a few snips here and there, could solve anyone’s thinning eye lash problems. Think long and hard before cutting eyelashes.



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