Do Eyelashes Stop Growing?

Do eyelashes stop growing? Eyelashes are one of the most significant parts of our body as it protects our eyes from external objects. It also enhances a person’s appearance. There is a reason why people long for getting long, thick eyelashes. There are several speculations and myths when it comes to growing eyelashes. While one group of people keep on pondering over the question ‘how to grow healthy eyelashes?’, there is a group of people who want to know the answer to ‘Do eyelashes stop growing?’.

do eyelashes stop growing

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Do eyelashes stop growing? The answer to this would be a No

Eyelashes follow a distinct growth cycle that goes on and on, for each hair follicle. Hence, the growth cycle keeps going on. Regular falling of eyelashes is normal and the dropped eyelashes are generally replaced with newer ones.

At times, some people face mishaps that lead to loss of eyelashes, like, being close to some heating element. Such mishaps not only leads to loss of eyelashes, they may also result in development of scar tissues over the hair follicles. This phenomenon may block the hair follicles and the growing hair may not be able to come out of the pore. This may seem as if the hair is not growing at all and hence some people wonder – Do eyelashes stop growing? However, the case is not so. Every eyelash has its own growth cycle. They have been described in brief as follows.

Anagen growth phase – This is the most active growth phase of eyelashes. It is also the most extended phase of all the other growth phases. It occurs for a time period of almost 7 weeks.

Catagen growth phase – This is the stage when the hair follicle starts shrinking and the growth of eyelashes stops temporarily. That is why this phase is often called the lag phase. This stage usually takes place for a time span of 3 weeks.

Telogen growth phase – This is the final stage of eyelash growth cycle. After the completion of this phase, eyelashes start falling off. It is to be noted here that eyelashes have their own growth phases and so there is no chance that all the eyelashes are growing and falling off at the same instance.

Do eyelashes stop growing? By now, everyone should have got their answers that they absolutely do not stop growing

However, the rate of growth of eyelashes may vary from one individual to another. There are plenty of factors that decide the growth rate of eyelashes in a person.

A properly balanced diet is very necessary to keep up the growth rate for eyelashes. One must make sure that he/ she follows a nutritious diet plan that incorporates a lot of green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. These help in restoring the healthiness in eyelashes. Also, drinking a lot of water is very significant in this regard. Water helps in cleaning our system and stimulating hair follicles. Lifestyle, too, has an important role to play in determining the growth rate of eyelashes. People who are regular drinker and/ or smoker are likely to experience a low rate of growth, leaving one to ponder “Do eyelashes stop growing?

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4 Responses to Do Eyelashes Stop Growing?
  1. Willa
    October 14, 2011 | 10:11 pm

    Hi, I have always had thick eyelashes, but as I get older they seem to thin out or stop growing altogether. I have learned some things about eyelashes after reading your post, so there is still hope for me :)

    • admin
      February 23, 2012 | 6:39 pm

      Age, what’s a lady to do? Well I’ll tell you….roll with the punches of life. You just need to take more time and care with your eyelashes.

      There is hope, you just have to listen to what your eyelashes are needing.

      Thank hon for visiting :)

  2. thinning hair
    October 24, 2011 | 3:35 pm

    I would also like to say eyelashes do grow back…The eyelash growth is not as fast as regular hair growth, but give the lashes time and some extra care and you will see for yourself. I think brittle lashes are the main reason we lose them. You mentioned the use of Vaseline, which is a great tip that I use myself. This keeps them moist and flexible. One more tip I have…don’t be lazy, each night clean away any eyelash makeup, this helps the most.

    • admin
      February 23, 2012 | 6:35 pm

      thinning hair
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a great comment. Many do not know just how brittle eyelashes can get. Ladies, use that Vaseline!

      Thank you for adding you tips. Have a great day :)

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